Medication Refill Requests

There are new regulations limiting the dosage and amount of narcotics that we are able to prescribe our patients. If you are being treated for chronic pain by an interventional pain management physician or primary care provider we ask that you contact them to manage your post-operative pain medications.

You may be given a prescription for pain medications, and possibly other medications, before you leave the hospital. Do not drive or drink alcohol while taking pain medications.

Please follow the directions on the label of all of your prescriptions and DO NOT take more than is indicated. Refills will not be made if you “run out early.” You are responsible for your medications. If your medications is lost, misplaced or stolen, they will NOT be replaced.

Please inform our office if you have any allergic reaction to your medications.

We require 2 business days to process any medication refill requests. If you notice you are running low on your medications please call us as soon as possible. If you are requesting a refill on a Friday we cannot guarantee we will have it processed for you before the weekend.

Please do NOT call the on-call nurse for any refill requests after hours or on the weekend.

In regards to prescriptions; you MAY call the nurse on call on the weekends or after hours if you are having an allergic reaction or other emergent issue regarding your medications prescribed to you by Dr. Liljenquist or Dr. Redd.

Most pain medications are written prescriptions which will need to be picked up at the office.

Your help in this matter is sincerely appreciated!


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